ITEM NAME:Hinge Boring Bits

Item No. Shank Dia. Cutting Dia. Total Length
HB001 10mm 15mm 57mm
HB002 10mm 16mm 57mm
HB003 10mm 17mm 57mm
HB004 10mm 18mm 57mm
HB005 10mm 19mm 57mm
HB006 10mm 20mm 57mm
HB007 10mm 22mm 57mm
HB008 10mm 24mm 57mm
HB009 10mm 25mm 57mm
HB010 10mm 26mm 57mm
HB011 10mm 28mm 57mm
HB012 10mm 30mm 57mm
HB013 10mm 32mm 57mm
HB014 10mm 34mm 57mm
HB015 10mm 35mm 57mm
HB016 10mm 36mm 57mm
HB017 10mm 38mm 57mm
HB018 10mm 40mm 57mm
HB019 10mm 15mm 70mm
HB020 10mm 16mm 70mm
HB021 10mm 17mm 70mm
HB022 10mm 18mm 70mm
HB023 10mm 19mm 70mm
HB024 10mm 20mm 70mm
HB025 10mm 22mm 70mm
HB026 10mm 24mm 70mm
HB027 10mm 25mm 70mm
HB028 10mm 26mm 70mm
HB029 10mm 28mm 70mm
HB030 10mm 30mm 70mm
HB031 10mm 32mm 70mm
HB032 10mm 34mm 70mm
HB033 10mm 35mm 70mm
HB034 10mm 36mm 70mm
HB035 10mm 38mm 70mm
HB036 10mm 40mm 70mm
HB037 10mm 15mm 90mm
HB038 10mm 16mm 90mm
HB039 10mm 17mm 90mm
HB040 10mm 18mm 90mm
HB041 10mm 19mm 90mm
HB042 10mm 20mm 90mm
HB043 10mm 22mm 90mm
HB044 10mm 24mm 90mm
HB045 10mm 25mm 90mm
HB046 10mm 26mm 90mm
HB047 10mm 28mm 90mm
HB048 10mm 30mm 90mm
HB049 10mm 32mm 90mm
HB050 10mm 34mm 90mm
HB051 10mm 35mm 90mm
HB052 10mm 36mm 90mm
HB053 10mm 38mm 90mm
HB054 10mm 40mm 90mm


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